A big thank you to our finalists, their employers and sector organisations for their outstanding support of this year's competition. After two challenging years, it's been heartening to see the combined sectors come together again and celebrate excellence in horticulture.

A special thanks to the Young Horticulturist Official Partners - Countdown, Fruitfed Supplies and T&G Fresh, for their ongoing support, not just of the competition but the future of horticulture through our young leaders.

Here are the prize winners of this year's competition:

OVERALL WINNER - Regan Judd (T&G Global)

SECOND PLACE - Sam Bain (Villa Maria)

THIRD PLACE - Courtney Chamberlain (Hadstock Farm)

Countdown Innovation Award Winner - Courtney Chamberlain

Second place - Jodie McDonnell

Third Place - Amy Clark

Participation - Regan Judd, Solomon Caldwell, Guillaume Chabbert, Sam Bain

Fruitfed Supplies Leadership Award - Courtney Chamberlain

Countdown Best in Sector Award - Courtney Chamberlain

Horticentre Trust Sustainability Award - Courtney Chamberlain

Bayer Best Practice Award - Regan Judd

RNZIH Best Speech Award - Sam Bain

T&G Fresh Practical Components Award - Regan Judd

Countdown Award - Regan Judd, Solomon Caldwell, Guillaume Chabbert, 

Sam Bain, Courtney Chamberlain, Jodie McDonnell, Amy Clark

This year's finalists (L to R):

Sam Bain, Jodie McDonnell, Solomon Caldwell, Guillaume Chabbert, Regan Judd, Amy Clark, Courtney Chamberlain.